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"Program for the Future" Forum

Дата опубликования статьи: 07.02.2015
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After almost a three-year break, February 7, 2015 the Seminar comes back. Now it is called "Designing the Future" Forum.
From January 2005 to March 2012 Russian Transhumanist Movement held monthly the Interdisciplinary Seminar on Transhumanism and Scientific Immortalism.

. Amongst the issues raised on the Seminar were prospects of human progress, upgrade, redesign and science-based life prolongation. Reports presented at the Seminar were dedicated to nanotechnology, biotechnology, cryonics, other technologies and philosophical issues of transhumanism and scientific immortalism place.
In total 60 Seminars were held, around 200 reports were made. Many of them gave a serious push forward to technological innovations in Russia. KrioRus, the first cryonics organization outside US, was founded after one of these Seminars. Numerous books and articles saw the light of the day, the lives of many people changed after they joined us.
On March 17, 2012, RTM put the Seminar on hold; but now, renewed, renamed, reinvented, it returns. We are confident that it will remain a place where like-minded people meet; a breeding ground of ideas and transhumanist projects.
During 2012—2014 break our interactions with scientists were not limited by office walls, but also had been happening on the TV show called "Designing the Future" hosted by Danila Medvedev. Which led us to the decision to name the renewed Seminar as "Designing the Future" Forum with the TV show host Danila Medvedev as its leader.
This new Forum will be more dynamic and will draw closer together the projects of RTM and the Forum itself. It will not abandon its friendly atmosphere and there still will be scientists, artists, psychologists, and even the time and place for trainings.
Perhaps we will change the place of the event more than once just to attract a bigger audience; perhaps we will even make it open-air in the summer, there is a multitude of options. Let us kindly invite you to the first "Designing the Future" Forum which will take place this Saturday, on February 7, 2015, at 6 PM and will end at 10 PM (UTC +3).
Break free, come to us and we will design the future together!