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Physicians demonstrate and explain the process of cryonics.

Дата опубликования статьи: 04.12.2012
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For the first time in Russia in the international specialized exhibition «The healthcare industry – 2012» the process of preparing the patient for cryonics was showcased. At the KrioRus booth, the perfusion installation: equipment necessary for realization of patient preparation for cooling to extremely low temperatures, stood on display for visitors.

Experts told visitors all about cryonics and the latest achievements in the field, educating the exhibition visitors about the necessary equipment, medical institutions anf current limitations towards realization of the first phase of cryopreservation.

The reseach workers of the company touted the latest achievements of the KryoRus scientific laboratory, existing since 2010 within the cryocorp. In particular at the beginning of the 2010 together with the Laboratory of Experimental Neurobiology, Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Biology (ITEB) of RAS, our experts studied how well the rat hippocampus functions after vitrification (so-called neurophysiological evaluation of survivability of cells in slices). “As a result of the experiment the bioelectric activity (population commissure of neurons) of the given part of brain was registered, but with certain weakening of signals (the amplitude of 50% of normal) ”, - said the scientific director of the KryoRus company, Ph.D. Yuri Igorevich Pichugin.

“The popularity of cryonics is growing. Over the last year we were approached more clients then for the last five years” said KryoRus general director, Valeria Udalova. “In Russia, we are already working together with some hospitals; however we would like to expand cooperation with medical institutions, so we took part in the exhibition. At our booth, equipment for the preparation for cryonic suspension was demonstrated, which can easily be installed in medical institutions.”

For information:

Cryonics is the practice of freezing the freshly dead people (and ideally - the iminently dying, having exhausted all other recourse, down to the ultra-low (or: cryogenic) temperatures for their further preservation in liquid nitrogen. Thanks to cryonics cryopatients can be stored unaltered until that time in the future when technological advancement will make possible cellular repair, with resoration of tissue, organs and overall bodily functions as a whole.

There are several cryonics companies in the world currently offering cryonic storage services:

  • Alcor is an American cryonics organization has its own storage and community supporters.
  • Cryonics Institute is an American non-profit organization; it also mantains its own storage facilities.

KryoRus LLC is the first organization in Eurasia providing cryonics service including cryopreservation and interment of patients. Since 2003, already more then 20 persons and 10 pets are cryopreserved by our company, and about 100 persons have signed contracts for cryonics services. As of September 2011, the preeminent scientist Yuri Igorevich Pichugin, reseaches in our laboratory in the field of cryobiology.