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The report on RTM activity November 2012

Дата опубликования статьи: 22.12.2012
Главная новость: 

Dear adherents!

RTM news for you!

News of the month. Liberation from human traffic!

Most of our time in the two first weeks of the month was consumed in the liberation of human lives from the bondage of contemporary ignorance regarding the extent of criminal oppressors. As our society dares dream of dazzling futures, fails to choose in the here and now, the way of humanism and progress, instead yields and shapes our lives to barbaric impulses. RTM sees the logic of it's way in active opposition to the degradation and barbarization of humanity.

On 30th of October an urgent intervention was initiated towards the freeing of slave women. These people were freed from the back rooms of a Moscow sweatshop, where they were forcibly detained. They worked without payment, suffering rape and beatings. Members of the youth movement "Alternative" with support of RTM, many transhumanists and volunteers, together successfully saved the slaves, but the shop owner drove off with their children. Participant in the operation, Danila Medvedev, reported the situation in his livejournal

31 October, work on this case continued: The children were rescued hot on the trail. and returned to their mothers.

A website was created about this social problem. The "Press about us" link will familiarize the reader with published articles and videos.

We would be grateful for participation in fates of defenseless people and for help in this endeavor.

From the 5th to the 11th of November, the emancipated people were accommodated in hostels and apartments.

Browse the details of this story at "slaves for sale".

Attention to this problem from civil organizations including "Civil assistance" and the UN, becomes better focused and more constructive. The social questions of the victims are being solved. Preparation for legal action against slaveholders is in progress.

There are still helpless people in slavery! We continue to do all that we can do for them!

The liberation of migrants from slavery by RTM activists and youth movement "Alternative" passed into hands of prosecutors and the Department of Federal migration service. Thanks to help with solving the slavery problem, RTM gained new connections with social organizations and openings to wider audiences.


We spent incredible efforts to restore human justice and respect for humanity, and we continued our humanistic activity related to the people of our time, to progress in their c continued life on Earth as they have chosen to lead it.

There was an important event of significant value this month, the International specialized exhibition "Healthcare industry - 2012". The exposition of KrioRus company and demonstration of the current achievements of our organization became prominent events at this exhibition.

The preparation of KrioRus for the International specialized exhibition "Healthcare industry - 2012" in October and first decade of November of this year where full scale. There were ads prepared, photo displays and video materials. Flyers for free visits to our exhibit were also distributed.

On the 19th and 20th of November, for the first time in Russia, at the International specialized exhibition "Healthcare industry - 2012" , the process of preparation of patients for cryonics was demonstrated for medical specialists by the KrioRus company. Scientific specialists of the company and Yury Pichugin told the visitors all about cryonics and about the latest achievements in the domain of cryonics. Particularly, in the beginning of 2012, our specialists, jointly with the lab of experimental neurobiology of the Institute of theoretical and experimental biology (ITEB) RAS, studied how well a rat hippocampus functions after vitrification (so-called neurophysiological estimation of survival rate of cells in slices). "As a result of experiment, there was bioelectrical activity (population commissures of neurons) of given part of a brain registered, but with some weakening of signals (amplitude 50% from normal)", a candidate of biological sciences, Yuri Igorevich Pichugin, announced.

"Popularity of cryonics is growing. For the last year, we've gined more clients than for the previous 5 years", general manager of KrioRus, Valerija Udalova, stated. "In Russia we already work with some hospitals, but we want to expand our collaboration with medical departments. That's why we took part in this exhibition. The equipment for preparation for cryonics, which can be installed in medical departments, was demonstrated at our booth." Her lecture was concerned the perfusion plant and other equipment required to prepare a patient for cooling down to ultralow temperatures.

In free discourse and conversation, points f common interest where discovered with humanist organizations. Helpful relations ensued, as interesting offers came our way.

In the beginning of te month, a teacher from Perm was cryonized at KrioRus.

On the 3rd day of November, the preparation of two patients for cryonics began.

The reconstruction of a dewar is completed, showing world class excellence.


Saturated and productive work was directed on the Human Aging System Diagram (HASD) project. The scientific seminar, led by Yury Pichugin, is under preparation.

On the 12th and 19th of November there were sessions on HASD with project coordinator Anna Krementsova, with one of the leading authorities in gerontology Elena Tereshina, and with project assistant Zhenya Bykov.

In the course of work, new links in the aging process were determined, and new tasks on their processing where included into work upon the Aging Diagram.

Yuri Pichugin updated an experimental part of the scientific seminar.

Social and organizational work

In this month, our social involvement included not only work on saving people from slavery, but also interest in the global future of our movement and events. There were meetings: We participated in a conference and a scientific festival. The most painful problems on RTM organization where addressed. We are attracting growing attention from humanitarian societies and social organizations, which devote their selves on the care of humanity throughout the entire world.

After the completion of official registration of a bid, in the second half of November there were negotiations with an investor towards financing the useful and perspective project "InfoSoft".

16 November, there was a meeting of Danila Medvedev with Konstantin Ziskin (candidate of pedagogical sciences, dean of department of Neuropsychology from MTI) within the scope of project "Upgrade Path". There was collaboration initiated with the new school of MTI for Neuropsychology.

25 of November, there was Skype conference of the Active Council. Valerija Udalova, Danila Medvedev and RTM activists participated.

There were questions probing:

- the state of things in the RTM;

- schedule of activists' occupancy;

- readiness of activists to work, with a glance of creativity approach;

- assessment of depth of understanding of Life Strategy of Creative Persons (LSCP).

18 November, Valerija Pride spoke at the 3rd International festival "Femme Fest" giving a lecture entitled "Dreams of eternal life".

24 November, the Association "Bolashak" conducted the conference on futurology and sci-fi, named "Creative nation: the ways and mechanisms of formation", in Astana. Kleshev Vladimir Aleksandrovich, RTM representative and partner, member of Russian Futurologist Association, specialist on strategical planning, futurologist, spoke with lecture on some RTM projects (leapfrogging initiatives, LSCP, TRIZ, Infosoft, nano-manipulator, Crystal of Knowledge etc) (in details).

25 November, there was a conference "The secular state as the foundation of peace in society", that was conducted in two halls of "Metropol" hotel by "Zdravomyslie" foundation. Elena Milova, member of RTM, added a valuable contribution to the event organization: she prepared the informational materials, created a programme and was a moderator.

On that conference, Danila Medvedev spoke with the lecture "Strategy of struggle against clericalization". Transhumanists Aleksandr Nikonov, Anatolij Deev, Akop Pogosovich Nazaretyan, President of Russian humanistic society Valery Kuvakin and philosophers, supporters of cosmism, Boris Rezhabek and Anastasiya Gacheva, also spoke on that conference.

We express great thanks to our translator group! We always have a lot of work in this area. We especially thank Viktor Pospelov, Evgenij Ivanov, Igor Martakov and Aleksandr Popov. There are some articles of Yuri Pichugin and post-releases already translated.


Work with mass media

Traditionally, one of the main and productive directions of our work is collaboration with mass media. You will be able to learn more detailed and up to date information about our goals and achievements from TV programmes with participation of RTM leaders, from large-scale international events or by following the references from our news.

10-11 of November, Danila Medvedev participated in the programme of events "Science day 2012" in Ukraine (Kiev).

You can acquaint yourself with the materials here: http://ru.scribd.com/doc/113119201;


Photo materials: http://vk.com/album-43074709_165666357

12 and 14 of November at KrioRus there was video footage recorded about cryonics and its' possibilities for broadcast on "X-version" for TV channel TV-3, and of series "Educational film" on TV channel Moskva-24. Also, 14 of November, Danila Medvedev conducted an interview about global risks for the "ORT" TV channel.

There was an offer from Valentin Klinkov to devote one episode of the TV program "Let them speak" to project "vOICe" and children with vision problems.

12-19 of November, a new episode of "Future Directive" was recorded, titled "World where people populate the air". Also this week there was shooting for the TV program "All included" about transhumanism (rubric "Gastronome") for TV channel Rossija-2.

19-25 of November, TV company VGTRK shot footage about "KrioRus" for a 40-minute film about cryonics.

29 November, NTV conducted reportage from KrioRus for a film about cryonics.

30 November, there was a recording for a TV broadcast defending GMO, with participation by Danila Medvedev and Stas Polozov.

The following TV broadcasts from "Future Directive" series have aired:

Our next broadcast will com right before the New Year. Don't forget to stock up on tangerines, confetti, salad and come to our news for greetings!

See you later, dear friends!

We await you on our news page!