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Report on the activities of the RTD for December 2012

Дата опубликования статьи: 04.02.2013
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Dear adherents!

RTM news for you!

With all one's heart wish You and your family a happy New Year!!!

Be healthy and happy! Let your live in plenty! Let you be accompanied by good luck and love!!!

And as always to your attention - our report for last month.


In December "KrioRus" cared of the patients, signed new contracts for cryonics, planned ways of cooperation with the like-minded companies well-known in the world, developed scientific activity.

On December 9 patient from Perm was cryonized.

Сryopreservation of patient from Italy was planning. In connection with this particular cryopreservation a number of difficult actions was planned because request to "KrioRus" arrived after burial.

On December 22 movement of cryopatients to reconstructed Dewar "Anabiosis 1" took place.

Yuri Pichugin is preparing materials about conducted experiments for the future seminars.

In the plans for the near future is coperation with Clonaid firm.

New employee of "Kriorus" the specialist veterinarian started to work.

Valerija Pride holds practicum about perfusion in "KrioRus".


Social and organizational work

Public speeches, meetings with the electorate, active promotion of projects, participation in scientific actions, acquisition of skills, searches of world novelties in the field of transhumanism – everything occupied remarkable minds and time of our employees and activists.

On December 3 conference about the "Upgrade Way" took place in connection with arisen opportunity of launching it in the MTI (WTU) on not long ago formed department.

On December 10 at a planned meeting of participants of the project "Human Aging System Diagram" in coopertaion with gerontologist Elena Tereshina the section "Metabolism Device" was elaborated.

On December 11 Valerija Pride by the invitation of philosopher Elena Vasilyeva acted as the expert at the Institute of tourism and hospitality. Valerija acquainted students with transhumanity, a scientific immortalizm and bases of cryonic within a master class course on the subject "Future Mankind". Lecture was accepted by young people with big enthusiasm and interest.

On December 12 the final of the competition "Skolkovo MD" took place (http://digitaloctober.ru/events/final_konkursa_skolkovo_md). Here Evgeny Zimin and developers of electronic bracelets reached agreements on cooperation and release of cryobracelets. Cryobracelets will allow to supervise remotely a condition of the cryopatient at the moment before legal death.

On December 13 Danila Medvedev returned from the business trip from the most technologically developed place on a planet – California. Being in Los Angeles and San Francisco Danila tested aeroscraft, AntRoach, the clever suit "Sexy Pants", got acquainted with technology for movement of people - "SkyTran" cabin, and also about a cyber rat, learned a short way to receiving oxytocin.

The photoreport and comments according to links http://livingtomorrow.livejournal.com/213929.html, http://livingtomorrow.livejournal.com/214194.html.

There is a preparation of documents for the "Future Goods" shop investment. By the way, tasty news - Genotyping fell in price.

On December 22 in the MTI the conference on implementation of the training program within the "Upgrade Way" project with Konstantin Ziskin was held.

At the end of the month Essay Elena Milova wrote some essay about a cryonic for informative site "Diletant.ru"

On December 24 the young transhumanist and philosopher Evgeny Bykov held joint event with representatives of RTM at the philosophical faculty, devoted to discussion about the future.

Processing of materials for lobbying the "Infosoft" project proceeds.

Fresh hot topics for the «Future Directive» program broadcast releases in 2013 are already formulated.

In the night of December 31 for January 1 transhumanists at office of RTM met New Year. The cozy company gathered. But even the festive situation didn't prevent discussion of projects, the birth of ideas, sudden creative offers. Cultural program was filled up with the neurogames, interesting stories, irreplaceable companionship!

Work with Mass media

Work with mass media not only shines our activity but sometimes becomes instructive experience on a way of knowledge of communication with mankind. But we are optimists and we believe in the business! Therefore we perceive negative experience philosophically as experience and we move further: "Per angusta ad augusta"!

At the beginning of December 2012 there was a reporting on a cryonic on the TV 3 channel. Cryobiologists Yury Pitchugin and Igor Artyukhov with the staff of the JSC "KrioRus" company Valeria Prayd and Andrey Shvedko told about cryonic opportunities.

On December 4 there was a "Special Correspondent" broadcast about GMO on the Russia-1 channel with Daniel Medvedev and Stas Polozov's participation. Transfer wasn't successful it was biased and aggressive.

On December 5 the Turkish TV company "TRT" carried out shootings of the reporting on the "KrioRus" company cryodepositary with Valeria Prayd's interview. In the same day the student of the 2nd course of the VGIK Igor Alfyorov a workshop of direction of TV removed a short teleplot about cryonic.

Increasing interest to a cryonic subject induced some TV channels including "Moscow 24" to lead discussions with our employees. On December 21 the "Lifestyle" broadcast on the subject "How to Keep to Itself Life with the Cryonic Help " went on the air. Yury Pitchugin and Valeria gave interview for a plot about "KrioRus".

On December 19 on the air "Radio Mayak" Daniel Medvedev commented on IBM Five in Five prospects, computers of the future and investment of them with five feelings.

On December 20 there was the "All inclusive" broadcast on the "Russia 1" channel where Danila was the guest in the heading "Epicure". The story about molecular food of the future was accompanied by the friendly help in preparation of a dish from broccoli.

Since December 28 the "Ren TV" company started shootings of the documentary film "A live subject: immortality live" with participation of our experts and futurologists. The following subjects will be shined in the movie: aging mechanisms, stage of the science in a question of extension of life, possibilities of life extension already today, a cryonic, digital immortality.

«Future Directive»

On December 5-"The none appearance world"

On December 12-"The Anthill world"

On December 19 - "The zombie world"

On December 26-"Absolute control over a body"

On December 14 the candidate of medical sciences, the teacher of ChelSU Kirill Ratnikov and press secretary of "Kriorus" Maria Fedorkova commented cryosituation in Russia and in the world for listeners of "Radio "Business FM – Chelyabinsk"".

On December 21 Danila Medvedev looked in the popular Internet newspaper "Yтро.ru" (within the scope of the RBC holding) where answered questions of readers about the future, possible accidents and dispelled fears on the subject of "doomsday".

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