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Training center "Upgrade Way"

Дата опубликования статьи: 23.01.2012

The most valuable thing in the world is information. And, probably, of all the information, the most valuable is how to improve oneself. And we offer it to you in our "Upgrade Way" project. As a part of this project, we hold trainings on immortalism and intelligence amplification methods.

"Upgrade way" does not teach you genome science, math, quantum physics or computer science. On the other hand, it teaches to use universal methods of intelligence amplification, which, as a good swiss knife, can be applied to any other areas to increase effectiveness of studies, work or very life itself.

Project's site: www.upgradeway.ru

History and future plans

During years and years of constant self-education and upgrade leaders of transhumanism tested a wide variety of practices, techiques and methods of upgrade. We know the shortest ways and most valuable sources of information. We found effective, but unrenowned methods of self-organization, sctructuring of thoughts, enhancement of concentration and productivity, improving comminication. We know which means of intelligence amplification are about to become real in the nearest future and we are ready to implement it among the first.

"Upgrade Way" is working in several directions:
- Information and methodology. Here we seek, test, master and examine new means of intelligence amplification.
- Trainings. We organize trainings for a broad audience.

Since May, 2008 RTM is making a business plan, working on a team of coaches and organizing trainings.

There are several available training programs for companies and individuals now from "Upgrade Way" center:

1. GTD

2. Free Mind

3. Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TIPS)

4. Life Strategy of Creative Individual (LSCI)

5. Intelligence amplification (IA)

Also, we are working on other training programs for motivation and improving effectiveness. Most number of trainings were held for RTM members exclusively as a part of members upgrade program. 

For example: Igor Nezovibat'ko holds his oratory training.


The "Upgrade Way" project's  goals are:

  • upgrading members of Russian Transhuman Movement via best Intelligence amplification methods
  • making profit
  • promotion of transhumanism and immortalism among trainings participants, who are unaware of it
  • encouraging trainings participants to engage in RTM activity 
  • gradual implementation of IA methods to education community

Planned result - an active network of traing centers in Russia (first, and then around the world), which is achieving declared goals.


RTM has all required skills and resources to develop a training programm of any complexity, involving any coaches from all around the world, but this project needs a manager, who can work with clients (attract and seek them), and people, who would begin organizing trainings on regular basis.

We also welcome coaches for trainings for RTM, and, probably, for future business cooperation.

In order to hire professional managers and organizers project needs funding. We are ready to provide detailed business plans for sponsors.