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A report on the activities of RTD for April 2012

Дата опубликования статьи: 06.05.2012
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The project “Human Aging System Diagram” was presented at the exhibition Science Art’2012. Representatives of Russian Transhumanism Movement visited 2nd International Conference «Genetics of Aging and Longevity».

Starting March 31st and till 5th of April the unique Russian project HASD i.e. Human Aging System Diagram, was presented at exhibition Science Art’2012 not only in strictly scientific way but now also in a way of artistic representation.This exhibition was part of the First International Scientific and Practical Conference «Science Art’2012», organized by Moscow St ate University, «Science Art’2012» was fist of it’s kind in Russia.

Valeria Pride and Eugenie Zimin prepared HASD for a stand of Ministry of education and science at Hanover. New edition of HASD in Russian was created also.

On April 22nd at Moscow’s big hall of Russian Academy of Science there was an opening of 2nd International Conference «Genetics of Aging and Longevity». First day of conference was open for free entrance. Among gathering there were scientists from all over the world and also public men, journalists, popularizers of science, professors and students from few moskow high schools such as The Russian National Research Medical University named after N.I. Pirogov (RNRMU). Many Russian transhumanists also attended the conference. Lectures of recognized scientists such as Vladimir Anisimov, Robert J. Shmookler-Reis, Andrzej Bartke, Jan Vijg, Judith Campisi, Claudio Francheschi and Vera Gorbunova caused big liveliness in an audience. Upon the completion of the speeches researchers answered the questions in detail from the audience. We wish to express huge appreciation to Michael Batin – one of the sponsors of the conference – for his enterprise and arrangement of this important event.





The finishing of a newly built cryonics facility is near completion, contracts with the new clients were made, new web-site for the company is almost done too.

On April the 17th the 19th client of «KrioRus» was cryopreserved, Yuri Pichugin, Ph.D., KrioRus’s scientific consultant, controlled over the perfusion. Procedure took one and half hours, then patient was immediately transferred into the new cryostorage facility and placed into Dewar with the dry ice for cooling-down to the temperature of −78.5 °C (−109.3 °F). After this temperature will be reached, cooling will continue down to −196 °C (−321 °F) at this temperature of liquid nitrogen patient will be held during his cryosuspension. On April 24th the second cat in a history of «KrioRus» was cryopreserved.
The laborious snow cleaning around cryonics facility was done too. The repair of guest-house for crew and clients is near completion.
New «KrioRus» website almost created, the content text are being verified, web-site is being adapted to various browsers. It’s expected that web-site is going to be launched in a middle of May.



Weekly meetings at RTM office continue to take place. New HR department was formed . for mobilization of activists and volunteers to work at RTM. Three vacancies - “HR manager”, “copywriter/editor” and “programmer” - were announced through recruiting portal job.ru and various social networks. In a month the results will be analyzed and the new actions for effective cooping with potential co-workers/volunteers will be planned.
On the seventh of April the next meeting at RTM office took place. The subject of conversation were boundaries of humans own recovery, monitoring of health, the battle against the aging and strategies of healing. The present newcomers had the opportunity to get acquainted with informational fund of RTM, watch and discuss Piotr Fedichev’s program at TV-Rain “Ageing as a disease: is it possible to cure aging?”
On April the 14th MiniWorkcamp took place at witch corporate structure, projects and other important RTM issues were discussed.
On 19th of April Eugenie Zimin and Andrew Shvedco visited «Skolkovo Summit of Innovation Economy Creators».
The new orders are being made actively at the internet-store “Future goods”.
On April the 30th there was a meeting which took place at RTM office, meeting was dedicated to