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Russian Transhumanism Movement activities in May 2012 report

Дата опубликования статьи: 03.07.2012
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Yuri Pichugin, Ph.D., KrioRus’s scientific consultant, presented report "Preservation of the brain by means of cryonics", in which he announced preliminary results of experiments carried out in January - February 2012, the report was presented twice: on 16th-19th of May at tenth international symposium at Kharkiv (http://antiaging.org.ua/conference-on-aging-and-rejuvenation/407-x-international-symposium-on-biological-mechanisms-of-aging-draft-program) and on 24th-26th of May at Thirteenth International Scientific and Practical Conference at Saint-Petersburg «Fundamental and applied research, development and usage of high-tech in production and economy» (http://htfr.org/).





During night on 4th to 5th of May, there was one of the stuff's father cryiopreserved. 

On 6th-9th of May KrioRus’s employees Denis Borisov and Sergey Urcevich improved inner decoration of new cryonics facility. 

The process of KrioRus's business-plans preparation was launched on 20th of May. The attention was focused upon new cryonics facility, new laboratory, upgrade of technical processes and organization improvement.

New propisitions are beeing made to film the reportage about KrioRus new cryonics facility, that's why press release is beeing prepared for intrested journalists.



On 29th of April a meeting at RTM ofice took place, dedicated to developing of organisation's structure. During May work in this direction is beeing made.

On 19 of May at the gathering at RTM office the education of activists-speakers has been started, these speakers will work with mass-media someday. Withing boundaries of mini-training Vadim Zhernov gave skype lecture, dedicated to detailes of communacation with the journalists, all participants try themselves in a role of speakers, answering the tricky questions which Danila Medvedev were asking.

Elena Milova has organized ideas crowd sousing for "Program for the Future" TV-show (piratepad.net/0noiF4djWr). Everyone could try themselves as show's co-authors and soon those who tried will see their ideas turned to a part of the show. On the 16th of May was finished the collection of materials for the "World of Sublime Memory" and "World of Polygamy" episodes.

The new members keep joining RTM, soon another shipping of member cards will be delivered. At RTM office was finished long-awaited repaint and rearrangement, that ensured more effective space usage. 

On 18th of May there was skype-conference of human resources group, at which enlisting of the new volunteers through job.ru web-site was analyzed, new plans for next staged of the group’s work were also made.

Step by step online store "Future Goods"(Style2030.ru)  is being perfected. Creation of KrioRus web-site with the new design and improved navigation is close to completion.


On 15th of May Danila Medvedev was an host at international Forum for contemporary education YEES 2012 (Your Education Enables Success), organized by Moscow Technological Institute and dedicated to future of education (http://yees2012.ru/).

On 19th of May at Night of Museums at Moskow center of contemporary art "Winzavod" Danila took part as an expert-futurologist at round table devoted to Life 2.0 within boundaries of project "Science and design" (http://www.winzavod.ru/projects/?id=335). Also on 21th of May Danila gave an interview and helped to produce an episode about fishing of the future for the TV show "All Included" (Russia-2), earlier two other episodes were filmed there: "Future Hockey" and "Future Boxing".

On 19th of May futurologist and member of coordination board of RTM Valeria Pride made a report called "Professional writing: future challenges and perspectives". The report highlighted basic problems, with which writers faced even nowadays and also might face at the near future. Valeria described her vision to the writers why it is important to develop this sphere, she explained how not only not to be lost in an ocean of literature, but also to provide themselves with incremental resources and social significance.

At The Ritz-Carlton Moscow on 22th of May Valeria Pride took part in international practical conference "East +West = Invest. Preparation of the company to the investment process"  (http://bankir.ru/novosti/s/v-moskve-proidet-konferentsiya-east-west-inve...).

Danila Medvedev filmed the intro for the show "World of eternal youth" at Russian Academy of Science, at the general meeting.Samvel Garibyan. On 22-nd of May Danila Medvedev and Alexey Karnauhov spoke on teleradiocompany "5th channel" at the show "Open studio" on the topic "End of the world: new date" (http://www.5-tv.ru/programs/broadcast/506998/).

On May 24th Valeria Pride took part in a combined event at Skolkovo and the University of the Singularity.