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Report on the activities of the RTD for August 2012

Дата опубликования статьи: 02.10.2012
Главная новость: 


Dear supporters!
It's the news of “Kriorus” with you!
There is much work in “Kriorus” as always. Our clients are people who have entrusted to us their TOMORROW! We receive more and more orders for cryopreservation and also for DNA preservation. During this month there were two standard operations of cryopreservation.
On August 15th and 16th the contracts have been signed with clients from Israel and Vladivistok.  These contracts are fulfilled – there have been two cryopreservations carried out recently. Several other contracts were signed with people willing to extend the life of themselves and their relatives. Clients from Moscow would be able to use such opportunity as cryopreservation and healthy life in the future, being on the fourth stage of cancer today.
A woman from Krasnoyarsk informed us about her decision to make a cryopreservation contract with us.
Kuzminok Sergey Vladimirovich, a Russian musician and former director of Igor Talkov preserved his father’s DNA for further cloning opportunity.
On the pages of our guest book Sergey Vladimirovich didn’t hold his emotions:
“Thanks for the important work!

Way to go! Do go on with this difficult work! Great future is before you! And a gratitude from people when they realize the importance and necessity of such work! I vote for you by my both hands!"
We thank Sergey Vladimirovich for warm words and confidence in us.
An active work on professional equipping of cryodepositarium is underway. In August a new dewar has been mounted. Cosmetic repairs is coming to an end. The experience exchange with representatives of foreign organizations is an important part of “Kriorus”'s work. In August Danila Medvedev held a meeting with cryonicists from USA. Foreign colleagues showed interest in further communication and proposed co-management of a project within Singularity Institute (http://singularityu.org/).


 The banners will soon appear on the streets of Moscow, introducing the citizens to the possibilities of cryonics. We hope this will be the world breakthrough in explanation of necessity of cryobiology development, and also the first step to an active marketing. The release of banners will become logical continuation of the announced in last month series of billboards about pets cryopreservation. Once again we would like to express our gratitude to creative activists from RTM for their help with billboards release.


Public and Institutional work

The main work with personnel continued in August. In RTM Command Center (CC) conferences take place. People respond to us more and more warm. Many beginners are ready to assist with work.

 In August the conferences on the most prospective projects of RTM took place.

During the meeting on August the 14th primary projects for realization in RTM were discussed:

 At the meeting on August the 16th a document on NanoINVENTOR project presentation was in process of development.

On August the 26th  the meeting with the participation of a businessman Alexander Mokaseev was held. Topics of Alexander and RTM cooperation on ARC project creation were discussed.

 On August the 18th an internal Saturday meeting at RTM CC on projects and organizational structure was held. The participants were discussing physical self-perfection trend, particularly magnets implantation into the fingertips. This operation will give a capability to feel constant and alternating electromagnetic fields, will allow better orientation with instruments under voltage. The meeting with body modifier Maxim Yampolsky is planned for the beginning of September. See the details on our website and in future news.
Ceremonial presentation of membership cards and cryo-badges to RTM newcomers was held.

 On August the 28th a meeting on work with mass media was held. In the meeting a journalist Alexander Trifonov took part. Main points of contact on issues of communication progress were found. A prospective relations development program with mass media is expected to be created for the next year. At the meeting there were discussed a number of primary issues of cryonics development and its related areas with direct participation of media. The matter was about cryonics as such; anti-aging issues were discussed, society attitude to medicine; topics of legislative initiatives support; plans of new project development – ARC, and other major projects of RTM.

On August the 30th a meeting with participation of Alexander Mokaseev was held, devoted to detail elaboration of ARC and HASD projects presentations.
New offers of cooperation with RTM were received from citizens of Czech Republic and Georgia. We are happy to see the number of our supporters in the near abroad grows!
In online shop “Goods of the Future” (Style2030.ru) the innovative personal vehicle Solowheel sells successfully. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JsTVsHVDOkk&feature=player_embedd
We are happy to inform all who were interested in virtual reality helmet, that the development of this model was completed successfully. Feel free to make an order in online shop.




We would like to remind, that you can purchase unique Topless-sandals in our online shop (http://style2030.ru/product/topless-shlepantsy).



 Regardless of the vacation season, there are articles being written about us, we receive invitations to TV shows, offers to film documentaries about RTM projects. The recording of the show "Program for the Future" goes on.

 "Sparkler" magazine published the interview with CEO of "KrioRus" Valeria Pride. The readers of the magazine from Irkutsk will find out lots of interesting information about history and nearest tasks of cryonics.
Danila Medvedev gave an interview for the documentary of production centre "Pelican production" ordered by REN-TV. The working title is "Artificial Body". The film will tell about life extension and immortality in perspective.
The interview is being prepared for the documentary with the working title "The Immortality" ordered by REN-TV. Author and director of the movie is Alexandr Miloslavov.
A proposal came from TV-channel "Russia 2" to take part in filming of the series of scientific documentary films under common title "The Eternal Life".
As it was mentioned in the previous RTM reports, the executives of "KrioRus" prepared for the filming of "-196" inside cryonics storage - movie is going to be directed by Anna Arlanova, it's her graduate work. This is a 50-minutes drama for a movie festival. The film crew are already in the process of editing and preparation for the festival.
                                          Filming of "-196". Cryonics storage. Working moment.
In August the episodes of the "Program for the future" on the following topics were issued:

Translators of RTM began to translate subtitles of "Program"'s episodes into English, to make it comprehensible for our foreign confederates. We welcome the volunteers to assist with it here: (http://translatedby.com/you/mir-vechnoi-molodosti/into-en/trans/?page=5).

 There were filmed a few episodes of TV show "All included" in which Danila Medvedev took part. The following topics were discussed on the air: about the future of weightlifting, athletics, tennis, gymnastics, synchronized swimming, the topic of doping in modern sport.
In August Valeria Pride took part in the popular TV show "Live! with Michael Zelensky". At the show there were discussed the topics of cloning and cryonics. Our cryoclients also took part in this show: Doctor of Philosophy Igor Vladimirovich Vishev and Sergey Kuzminok, about the latter we wrote earlier. There was a telecast with the representative of the company "Cloneaid" Brigitte Boisselier, who gave some of the latest information on human cloning experience worldwide.
A journalist of "NTV" made a report on technologies of the future. The recording was made at "KrioRus".