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RTM activity report for September 2012

Дата опубликования статьи: 19.10.2012
Главная новость: 

Dear subscribers!

RTM news welcome you!



The academic and working year has begun actively and eventfully for RTM, with ongoing work for our countrymen. Lots of important and often urgent tasks awaited our collaborators this month. We struggled for human rights, in defending the legality of carrying out of the last will and testament of our beloved and esteemed Mikhail Aleksandrovich Voronin.

Human rights must remain inviolable!!!


On the 11th of September, 2012, the specifications of the law "Concerning burial and funeral affairs" that sets out the licit for treatment of the body pf the deceased, were violated. On Tuesday, the sufferings of Mikhail Aleksandrovich Voronin from serious illness subsided allowing him the opportunity for rebirth into the happier world of the Future. But his spouse obstructed us, to our great travail and tribulation of worry and apprehension,  in an unending string of worrisome and stressful agitation and commotion, chasing paper and attending upon negotiation. The ordeal only ended on 18th of September, with the way cleared to Cryonization.

Before that fateful day the RTM crew weren't just sitting on their hands. On 17th of September the lawsuit was filed to the district court "Toushinski". But the legal claim was denied. Still the struggle for justice and righting of wrongs continued! Because on the side of KrioRus weren't only the laws and Constitution of the Russian Federation, but also the international regulations upon human rights. On the same day a picket was held near the court, and at 6 pm a press conference was held at "Polyanka-hall". At the conference for "5-th Channel" and "Ren-TV" the founder and director of "Krio-Rus" Valeria Pride spoke out. Transhumanists took all possible and impossible measures to protect the will of Voronin's whole life! But the injustice and violation of laws stunned everyone engaged in the struggle for the future of human life, when the body was cremated regardless the last will of the deceased by his widow Olga Voronina on 18th of September, she also has no moral right to do so because she was divorced with Michail Alexandrovish Voronin!

We will continue to fight for justice!!!



Scientific research is an integral part of our work. Our main task is not just talk, but action, to develop and extend, not only the area of life extension in near future, but also to facilitate improved living today! Unfortunately, financial resources for quick response are not always available and sufficient. But many humane undertakings have begun without sufficient support in the beginning! And we have accomplished a great deal with our forces of scientists and like-minded individuals who already understand the opportunities for humanity championed by RTM and who stand ready to help to develop our grand ideas, often ad volunteers!

In the beginning of September, Juriy Igorevich Pichugin, a scientific consultant of LLC "KrioRus", had returned from a business trip in order to resume experimentation in cryonics .

On 1st of September, the meeting on "Magnetic implants" took place in our office, with the participation of Maksim Yampolsky, a specialist in implantation.

An announcement was made that the groundwork for surgical procedure is completely equipped, and all stands in readiness to receive patients. Limits wjere set upon payment set for the procedure of implant installation. The stages of implantation and practical use of magnets, developed in detail, were taught by employees and volunteers, with emphasis upon how implantation of magnets into the finger tips  is precisely set forth, but not the external usage of magnets, because the sensitivity will be much lower, and in the fingertips an implant will be positioned under the nerve endings, thus rendering the  magnetic field actually palpable. In the initial stage of adaptation, sensation of the magnetic implant will cease much as with an allogenic object. For an exhaustive effect of the procedure, it is recommended to master the implants in 2-3 phalanxes of fingers. This gradualness of mastering gives a possibility to enlarge the sensitive surface.

We are glad to publication of the book: ’Futurology. XXI century: immortality or global catastrophe‘, authored by Mikhail Batin and Aleksey Turchin, active participants in the transhumanist movement (http://www.scienceagainstaging.com), issued in scientific publishing house "Binomial. Lab of knowledge".

Social and organization activities


Organization and social activities never stop even for a day.

In September was conducted a grand meeting, an urgent picket and some conferences.

On the16th of September there was a conference in coordinating center of RTM to organize the Immortality Meeting. Lists of invited people and speakers and topics for reporting were approved, slogans were drafted. Work proceeded in close contact with like-minded people of RTM, with all who support our ideas. People offered their input and  topics to the agenda.

On the 20th of September, Delovaya Rossija (Business Russia) conducted a round table meeting as previously mentioned, upon the  theme: "Problems of bringing innovative medical drugs to market.".

At the meeting Valeria Pride highlighted topics pertinent to the regulation of production and market circulation of new pharmasuticals. Danila Medvedev explained the many obstacles upon the path of transporting quality drugs from laboratories to patients.

During September, preparation for the conference of the Round table about issuing Modafinil containing drugs without a prescription, a matter crucial for the Russian people, and other vital questions, proceeded at full tilt.

Another round table upon the same agenda is planned with the participation of Minzdrav, FSKN Rossija, FARMA 2020. This material is also slated for popularization via press and television.

Also on the 20th of September, Danila Medvedev took part in presentation of a new project "Subtract and divide!" which took place within the offices of The Russian Bar Association of Lawyers for Human Rights.

Work continues upon the "Human Aging  Schematic". A meeting, conducted at 8th of September in KC RTD was dedicated to this project. Long term plans for 0,5-1,5 years were discussed.
Opinions of future work of site were conducted. ???? Catalogization and instructions for work were carefully rendered. Important questions of cooperation with organizations and private individuals where deliberated. We summed up the first run on the board game on HASD.

On 22nd of September RTD held a rally for radical life extension on the Square of the Revolution

At the rally, leading figures of Russian emmortalism delivered speeches:

  • Danila Medvedev, Russian social figure, philosopher, futurologist, and anchorman of ‘Future Directive’ on channel Rossija-2 tv.

  • Anastasia Gacheva - doctor of philological sciences, Senior Researcher at the Institute of World Literature n.a. A.M.Gorky of RAS, fellow worker of Museum-library of N.F.Fyodorov.

  • Valeria Pride - Russian social figure, sociologist, founder of the unique in Eurasia cryocompany of Kriorus.

  • Jury Pichugin - Russian cryobiology scientist and ideologist of scientifical immortalism.

  • Igor Artyhov - biophysicist, expert at "Institute of Aging Biology".

  • Boris Rezhabek - candidate of biological sciences, head of department of Nanobionics at the "International University of Interdiscliplinary Knowledges"

  • Alexander Zakkrevsky - geriatrician, head of "Dialine"

  • Alexey Turchin - Russian writer, translator, global risks researcher, futurologist.

  • Eugeniy Bykov - student of MSU philosophy faculty.

  • Stanislaw Polozov - molecular biologist, chief executive of noncommercial organization "Laboratory of biological signals".

Unfortunately, the rally was limited by recent amendments to the law regarding public gatherings and demonstrations, and some people sharing our interests in found themselves unable to join us on streets of the city. For those interested, here are the hyperlinks to the various experts speeches:




We were gathering signs under a petition "Concerning governmental assistance to scientific researches in the field of aging prevention". Allinterested in expression of your approval for the principle objectives in document can browse the text via the following htper link.

Here are photos from the rally.

Work with Mass Media and Speeches

We started implementation of major unified plans with mass media. But, unfortunately, in this direction we not always met with prudence and transparency of putcomes as conceived by Media officials.

In September few new segments of ‘Future Directive’were shot:

"World where everyone works at home".

"World without natural resources".

"World without wires".

"World of Polygamy".

On the 25th of September, footage for the segment "All about life" were recorded by TV Centr channel. – Know more at . See and hear Valeria Pride sharing her personal thoughts and impressions.

On the 30th of September, video footage for the episode for the ;Eternal life‘ sefment was shot bythe Rossija 2 tv channel. Client of OOO Alexey Samikin and director of KrioRus Valeria Pride, participated.

In September the Ren-tv camera crew of interviewed Danila, Valeria and Dmitry Kvasnikow for the episode” ’Immortality’.

At the14th of September work meeting with the PR department, all difficulties and constraints in interaction with Mass Media were taken into account.

Danila Medvedev participated in the Politechnic University conference upon Emerging Industry.. The event was organized by transhumanists from MFTI headed by Ilya Klabukov.

We never forget about you, even for a second, our esteemed supporters and friends! All our efforts, everything in our power, is directed to the good of humanity!

We are keeping you informed of controversialup to the minute relevant information about our movement for long life and high quality of living for all people!  Stay with us!